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with Cosmetic Dentistry from
Nelson Y. Howard, D.D.S., A.A.A.C.D.

Nelson Y. Howard, D.D.S., A.A.A.C.D.

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Our Two Southern California Dental Offices Offer Services to Help Those Undergoing Gender Reassignment

Appearance is an integral part of our identities. If you are undergoing the process of gender reassignment, you’ll want to consider how your smile plays into your overall confidence and sense of self. Cosmetic Dentistry from Dr. Howard can help you better realize the personalized look you desire, completing the process by giving you a smile that fits your new persona. Dr. Nelson Y. Howard is a highly experienced and compassionate dentist who enjoys using cosmetic dentistry to change and improve the lives of patients at our
San Marcos and Rancho Bernardo offices in Southern California.

Most people would like to change something about their smiles. As you transition from one gender to another, you may find that your current smile no longer fits with your overall appearance, or you may feel that now is the perfect time to correct imperfections that have been with you for a long time. You’re becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be; don't forget about the most important feature and the focal point of your face -- your smile!

Cosmetic Dentistry from Nelson Y. Howard, D.D.S., A.A.A.C.D.

Dr. Nelson Y. Howard is known for performing excellent smile makeovers for patients from all over Southern California and across the United States. By providing completely customized treatment plans, Dr. Nelson Y. Howard can reshape your smile to fit your facial features. The results are personalized to fit your unique personality, finally bringing forth the real you for you and everyone to see.

Dr. Nelson Y. Howard will work together with his team of health professionals who are performing your gender reassignment procedures to integrate his services into your overall treatment plan. Transgender patients appreciate our non-judgmental and gentle approach. We care very much about helping you achieve the ultimate goal of a transformed appearance, and we will do so with dignity, integrity, and compassion.

If you are a transgender patient who is considering a change or currently undergoing the process, contact one of the offices of Dr. Nelson Y. Howard. We have offices in both
San Marcos and Rancho Bernardo, California, but we serve patients from across the state of California and around the United States.

To discuss bringing your smile into alignment with your true identity, contact the offices of Nelson Y. Howard, D.D.S., A.A.A.C.D. We will be happy to take the time to completely assess your current concerns and options for treatment, setting your mind at ease and smoothing this transitional period to lead you to your true identity.

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