Restorative Procedures for Smile Health

Dentistry for San Marcos, Rancho Bernardo, and Beyond

Dr. Nelson Y. Howard can restore your smile to health, beauty, and function with a variety of restorative dental procedures. Your six-month exams at our San Marcos or Rancho Bernardo offices include advanced diagnostics for early detection and prevention of decay and disease. At our cosmetic and implant dental practices, we use state-of-the-art technology to detect and to treat decay/cavities, infections, and other oral health problems which can often lead to other physical problems.

We offer a variety of cosmetic and restorative techniques to fix teeth damaged by trauma, infection, or cavities. Restorative procedures can also fix your broken or misshapen teeth, too. At the Center for Advanced Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, we can restore your oral health by:

  • Adding tooth-colored, composite resin fillings to treat decay/cavities
  • Using composite resin inlays or onlays to correct dental imperfections
  • Correcting broken or damaged teeth with porcelain crowns
  • Fixing worn, fractured, and gapped teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth with dental implants
  • Rehabilitating compromised dental structures
  • Alleviating gum disease with advanced periodontal therapy
  • Giving comfortable restorative care with oral conscious sedation
  • Using laser technology for safe, effective treatments

Porcelain Restorations

Dr. Nelson Y. Howard uses porcelain restorations to restore strength, longevity, and full function to your teeth. Porcelain restorations provide long-lasting durability and natural-looking beauty. Full crowns are “tooth-shaped” restorations customized to match the shape, size, and color of your real teeth. At our cosmetic and implant dentistry practices, Dr. Howard uses crowns to cover broken teeth, strengthen weakened teeth, and correct bite problems. It’s always best to keep as much tooth structure as possible. If a full crown isn’t needed to restore form and function to your teeth, we may recommend an inlay or onlay—think of these as partial crowns. They are customized to fit into the broken, decayed, or weakened areas of your teeth, and when your treatment is completed, your tooth looks natural and beautiful.

Full-Mouth Reconstructions

At our Rancho Bernardo and San Marcos dental practices, Dr. Nelson Y. Howard can create total dental rehabilitation for severely compromised conditions. With a full-mouth reconstruction, we can restore your mouth back to an ideal state of function, health, and natural beauty. Your full-mouth reconstruction begins with a very detailed and thorough assessment. Once Dr. Howard assesses and evaluates your dental conditions and situation, he’ll suggest a treatment plan that will replace any missing teeth, fix your broken, decayed, or worn down teeth, and restore your mouth to complete and ideal health and function.

Let Dr. Nelson Y. Howard Restore Your Smile

At the Center for Advanced Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, Dr. Howard uses highly-advanced restorative procedures to return your gums and teeth to form and function as well as natural-looking beauty. Please take a moment now to make your appointment at either our
San Marcos or Rancho Bernardo offices.

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